Payday Loans NZ 

Do you have payday loans? Have you defaulted on your loans? Do you struggle to keep your cash advances repaid? is here to help you get back on the right track of life with your finances. Our main objective is to offer you financial freedom helping you to get out of debt and the default status. We do this by providing resources for payday loan borrowers.

At, we guide our New Zealand consumers to effective default assistance and debt management programs helping them to recover from debt and secure a better credit rating.

How to Stay out of Default?

You would definitely not want to default on your payday loans. offers you expert guidance on loan advice outlining the way of staying away from defaults. The solutions are multiple; follow our expert guidance in maintaining a clean credit history and maintain a tidy bank account.

How Consolidation Helps?

Are you worried over managing several debts at once? With consolidation, at your service you should not worry about clearing your debt. Know how consolidating your payday loans and other cash advances can help you save money and effort during your repayment period. provides expert assistance in loan consolidation.

Worried about fixing your credit rating?

Loan defaults are certainly never intentional. However, anybody with a payday loan debt can become a defaulter with a dip in your credit history. However, this does not imply that you cannot restore your credit history to a good standing. We at aim to provide you with repayment plans that help in getting your loans payments back on track.

Not all payday lenders are created equally, we’ll help you navigate the maze of short term loan lenders and ensure that you get no penalties for early repayment.

Are you Aware of your Rights?

Being a Defaulter of a cash loan does not make you defenseless. You should never encourage threatening calls or abusive collection practices from debt collectors related to your debts. Know your rights regarding debt collection practices and fight the odds more skillfully with us. We provide consumer right assistance offering a complete database of knowledge regarding to your rights. We only advocate for you to take out a loan with a company with a strong responsible lending ethic.

Don’t let bad credit stop you

We know that payday and personal loans, do not have the best interest rates in the country, however they do offer quick and easy advantages over lower interest amounts. If you need a small loan amount then a payday advance could help you fill a gap for several weeks. We help you pick the best loans when you don’t have the best credit score. We’ll also try to steer you towards lenders with reasonable annual interest rates and low establishment fees. Please also be mindful of default interest.

So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today to lead a better life out of defaults and debts caused by payday loans and cash advances.